Connect with the applications you already use

Choose from more than 30 popular integrations including Jira, Slack, Azure DevOps, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Zendesk.


Send prioritized work to your engineering team and track progress in real time — so everyone can collaborate in their tool of choice.


Share important updates via group chat — so the broader team can stay instantly informed of status changes.

Customer relationship management

Make sure feedback and requests captured in your customer relationship management tools are included in your ideation process.

Task tracking

Quickly assign work items to other teams who use lightweight task management apps.

Knowledge management

Share a live view of important information with the rest of the company via your knowledge management tool.


Connect your work to engagement metrics so you can better understand user behavior and measure the results.


Create your own custom integration. Use the robust Aha! API to import data into Aha! from internally built tools and extract data from Aha! for reporting purposes. You can also set up basic interactions between tools using Zapier.


Visualize to-dos and other important work items alongside scheduled meetings on your calendar.

File storage

Connect your Aha! account with third-party file storage services so you can securely access and manage your important assets.

Single sign-on

Manage user access. Allow users to log in to your Aha! account and ideas portals using your existing SAML enabled identity provider. Require SSO authentication when you share views as a webpage or in a presentation — to keep your planning data secure.