Our commitment to opportunity

Investing in a future that benefits all

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We believe that you create lovability by putting people first — because every single person has value. Aha! is a learning organization where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and thrive. Our focus has always been on hiring the most talented person for each role, regardless of their background. And as an entirely remote company, our team is located around the globe — from the United States to Canada to South Africa to Mexico and the United Kingdom.

We are proud of the Aha! team and the diversity of our colleagues. But we have work to do to make sure that more people from groups historically underrepresented in software learn about Aha! and consider joining our team. We also will continue to support many more through our philanthropic work and fellowship program.

Each of us has a role in changing the future. We cannot stand idly by. Change can happen quickly if there is action. Aha! will be part of that change and will continue to hold ourselves accountable for being a positive force. Here are a few ways we are working to create more opportunity for all:


Aha! hires the most qualified candidate for every role — we are an equal opportunity employer. To ensure that we are able to reach a broad pool of candidates, we partner with organizations such as DiversityJobs, PowerToFly, and Women Who Code. Our interview process is transparent and consistent across roles. We continually audit our hiring practices to ensure a positive and inclusive candidate experience.


Learning is one of our core values — we are committed to listening and studying more than ever. In addition to ongoing conversations and readings related to diversity, our team engages in mandatory trainings to help us improve how we engage with others. Training topics include unconscious bias, workplace harassment, and inclusive hiring practices.


Aha! is fortunate to be a highly profitable company — we have a moral responsibility to lift up others. Aha! Cares is our philanthropic initiative that supports community-based nonprofits. The pillars for our financial giving and volunteering include food, safety, and shelter. We added a fourth pillar in 2020 called opportunity, which supports nonprofits with a social justice mission. To date, Aha! has committed nearly $700,000 and 1,325 hours to nonprofits across eight countries and 89 cities.


Learning does not stop with our team — we are energized to share our expertise with others. In 2020, we introduced a full-time, eight-week fellowship program aimed at increasing opportunity in tech for historically underrepresented groups. Attendees gain experience with innovation, product management, and customer success during hands-on sessions with Aha! leaders. Fellows are awarded a $4,200 monthly stipend, benefit from interview training, and receive a graduation certificate at the end of the program.

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