Information technology

Create awesome user experiences

Define an IT strategy and make prioritization decisions around timing, resources, and what internal users need the most.

Build and maintain the capabilities needed for success

IT makes the business go. The success of any organization relies on efficient systems and processes. Establish a clear IT roadmap — so you can keep things running smoothly right now while planning even better internal user experiences in the future.

Deliver on time

Transformation does not come easy. Every IT group knows that there are more projects that need attention than people and time to get it all done. You need to gain alignment around what is most important to the business, make hard tradeoff decisions, and be even more agile.

Share the why behind your plans. Make your roadmap visible, set priorities, and track all your projects in a centralized workspace that is purpose-built for IT teams.

Aha! allows us to create a strategic IT roadmap that balances day-to-day tactical requests with the technical capabilities our organization will need for the future.

Anthony Knezevic

Director of IT University of British Columbia

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Craft your own IT roadmap

Why IT teams love Aha! Roadmaps

Set clear strategy

Create a vision, goals, and initiatives. This will be your guiding framework for prioritizing investments and enhancements.

Increase transparency

Share your roadmap and plans with executives and internal teams. Track how you are progressing against your goals and communicate updates.

Manage resources

Set budgets and track costs to make informed investment decisions. See who is available, what work is planned, and who is overcapacity so you effectively manage your resources.

Formalize workflows

Deliver new capabilities on schedule. Clarify priorities for the team, create custom workflows to formalize the approval process, and streamline review cycles.

Streamline internal feedback

Give internal teams one place to submit feedback and vote on each other’s ideas. This lets you see what people need most — so you can create more joy.