Information technology guide

Information technology
Information technology (IT) has evolved to support every area of business — its systems and technology, core projects, and customer experiences. These articles cover the value of IT, common IT roles, cross-functional responsibilities, and how to prepare for a career in IT management.
IT strategy
IT departments are increasingly responsible for providing strategic guidance across the organization. Find out how to develop a comprehensive IT strategy that supports day-to-day business functions and long-term goals — while optimizing your resources and investments.
IT plans
Bring a disciplined approach to IT planning that builds better processes and stronger teams. Discover best practices for being strategic and customer-driven. These articles outline how to assess the current state of IT, analyze IT investments, and use business scenarios in capacity planning.
IT roadmaps
Explore the essential components of technology roadmaps — how to visualize IT plans and share the real value of your work. Develop a culture of strategic thinking by using roadmaps to communicate the "why," "what," and "when" of IT initiatives before managing the development and implementation work.
IT methodologies
IT teams typically utilize multiple methodologies based on resources, organizational maturity, and tool compatibility. Learn the principles behind the most common methodologies, how they impact IT workflows and team roles, and how to choose the methodology that suits your organization best.
IT release management
Release management involves planning, integrating, and monitoring the deployment of IT solutions from testing environments into production. Learn the essential steps in the release management process and how to streamline deployments with DevOps practices, automation, and continuous delivery.
IT idea management
Ideas drive innovation. Anyone responsible for rolling out new technology within the organization must understand an effective idea management process. Learn how to capture and evaluate new ideas, rank them based on value and effort, and prioritize them on your IT roadmap.
IT templates
Download free IT templates. This library of prebuilt examples includes templates to help you build business plans, IT roadmaps, and requirements documents. Use these templates to track, manage, and implement your IT projects.
IT dictionary
From agile software development to zero-day exploits, this IT dictionary defines key technology terms that impact business operations. Reference it when you need a quick refresher or need to share a concise definition with teammates.