Project management

Complete projects on schedule

Build out project plans and manage the cross-functional work and dependencies needed to deliver on time.

Set clear objectives and streamline work

Your job is to deliver results against strategic initiatives. And while every project is unique, there is a universal understanding — successful delivery starts with a clear plan that keeps people focused on what needs to happen and when. Define the ideal workflow and create a roadmap that provides visibility into planned, current, and completed activities.

Establish a strategy for exceptional results

Are you on track for the next major milestone? Does everyone understand who is doing what? You keep the chaos in check, coordinating cross-functional teams and managing dependencies. But you spend hours chasing updates, adjusting the plans, and communicating status when everyone is working in different tools.

There is a better way. Create your project plans in Aha! and link everything to higher-level company goals. Track status in real time — enter your data once and get all the insights you need to quickly report on progress.

Aha! enables us to visualize our plans, making the intangible tangible. It brings a new level of structure to our processes and keeps us focused on achieving our strategy.

Lesley Craggs

Strategic Project Manager Swarovski

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Craft your own project plans

Why project management teams love Aha! Roadmaps

Define best practices

Standardize project management across the organization. Project templates drive repeatable success. Create custom workflows and fields to ensure everyone follows the same approach.

Allocate resources

Estimate the effort and budget required to deliver a project. Then understand what resources are available and when so you can set realistic completion dates.

Track every dependency

Create a detailed Gantt chart. Set dates, phases, and milestones to keep everyone on track. Highlight dependencies between teams and activities so you can manage risk and deliver on time.

See progress in real time

Automatically calculate the percent of work completed and visualize progress on roadmaps and reports. You will love seeing the progress bar move to the right as you deliver against your plan.

Integrate with other tools

Build your project plans in Aha! Roadmaps and send the required work to the systems other teams use. This lets everyone use their tool of choice and receive updates in real time.