Roadmap your way to success

Create a brilliant roadmap to keep the entire product team focused on delivering the most value

Prioritize what to build

A roadmap lays out the future. It centers the team around your product strategy — so you can work in unison to achieve ambitious goals. Aha! Roadmaps provides a centralized place for capturing customer feedback, defining what to build, and prioritizing features. Use a value-based approach to estimate the impact of new functionality at every stage of the product development process. Align your roadmap to the customer journey with user story maps and visualize the desired user experience with whiteboards.

Create a visual roadmap

Chart a realistic course

Time and people are precious resources to keep in mind as you plan your roadmap. Manage capacity in Aha! Roadmaps — so you can balance the team's workload with the needs of the business. Set initial estimates on the work and assess the team's capacity to deliver it in the desired time frame. As you get closer to implementation, work closely with engineering to refine your release plans and move from planning to development.

Optimize capacity planning

Showcase your plans

Rally everyone behind your plans. Choose from a variety of templates in Aha! Roadmaps to visualize what you want to deliver and when. Tailor each roadmap to meet the needs of different audiences — including leadership, engineering, marketing, sales, and support — or build your own visualization from scratch. Craft an interactive presentation and embed live views of your roadmap. This keeps all your slides up to date without needing to maintain multiple versions. Proactively publish your plans to your ideas portal to keep customers informed of what is coming next.

Communicate your roadmap

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Top capabilities for roadmapping

Set your strategy

Create a red thread of strategy through the roadmapping process by linking goals and initiatives to releases, epics, and features to show strategic alignment.

Define the work

Use the planning board to organize your product backlog. Build out epics, features, and requirements to define exactly what needs to be done and when.

Assess product value

Measure the worth of feature requests using the product value scorecard and refine your assessment through the product development lifecycle.

Visualize new experiences

Build a user story map to better understand the necessary steps for using your product. Use virtual whiteboards to convey how new functionality should work.

Manage resources

Assess the high-level effort needed to implement work. Use the capacity report to understand the availability of each team and resolve resourcing issues.

Build beautiful roadmaps

Enter your data once in Aha! Roadmaps and choose from a variety of templates to create views of your roadmap for different audiences.

Communicate your plans

Share your roadmap using built-in presentation functionality. Create custom-branded slides and embed live, interactive views with rich details about the work.

Report on progress

Choose from more than 75 reporting templates. Filter and sort data to show different views — such as product goals by status, ideas submitted by customers, and planned features.

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