Product management

Build products customers love

Create your product roadmap based on business and customer needs and align resources to make your plans a reality.

Rally everyone around your roadmap

Product managers can see the future. Great products are the result of having a breakthrough idea and being able to explain to the team where you are headed. Turn your vision into a product roadmap that aligns the entire organization — so you can effectively share how you will deliver real value to customers.

Lead product with conviction

Did someone ask about the status of an upcoming release? Or want to know what product enhancements shipped last month? Sorting through scattered spreadsheets and presentations to find the answers can be hard.

Cut through the noise and change the way you work. Capture customer requests, define requirements, and share your roadmap in the world’s most popular tool for product managers.

Aha! provides a complete picture across our entire portfolio. We can quickly access product information at any level and see how it ties to the overall strategy.

Michael Morris

Director of Global Product Management, Experian

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Craft your own product roadmap

Why product teams love Aha! Roadmaps

Listen to customers

Find out what your customers actually want. Create a custom-branded ideas portal to capture product ideas in one place and promote the best ones directly to your roadmap.

Prioritize the right features

Set your own prioritization metrics and rank features based on what matters most. This way, you can objectively determine which features will provide the most value against your business goals.

Craft visual roadmaps

Say goodbye to creating multiple versions of your roadmap. Enter your data in Aha! Roadmaps once and choose from a variety of templates to quickly build different roadmaps for different audiences.

Report on progress

Analyze your product data in Aha! Roadmaps and show the impact of your work. Create list reports, pivot tables, and charts to show your team's achievements and progress against your roadmap.

Work your way

Customize workflows to match the way you work — no matter what development methodology you use. Integrate Aha! Roadmaps with your favorite tools to keep information flowing between teams.