Marketing guide

Marketing overview
Understand the role of marketing in reaching potential customers and communicating the benefits of a product or service. Find information about common marketing job titles, certifications, and the tools used. Read about the responsibilities of digital marketing, product marketing, and other marketing disciplines.
Marketing strategy
Learn how to define an effective marketing strategy. Determine high-level marketing goals and the importance of considering the entire buyer experience. Find everything you need to create buyer personas and establish competitive differentiation for your products or services. Download free resources for setting your business goals — including SWOT, market analysis, and positioning templates.
Marketing plans
Set your team up for success through effective marketing planning. Review the inputs needed for a successful marketing launch — including a good marketing launch checklist — and access free marketing plan templates. Explore the high-level components of a digital marketing plan — from email marketing to social media — to reach your target audience.
Marketing roadmaps
Discover why marketing roadmaps are an essential component of strategic planning. Learn how to visually convey your team's high-level business goals and coordinate cross-functional efforts. Review common types of roadmaps — including integrated marketing and portfolio roadmap examples for multiple products. Download free marketing roadmap templates.
Marketing methods
Get to know the different marketing disciplines — including the evolving fields of product marketing and digital marketing. These articles explain the core principles of each discipline and how they impact both the broader marketing team and the entire organization.
Marketing launches
Find advice on how to plan an effective marketing launch. These articles explain the different types of launches — from introducing a new brand to launching an integrated campaign. Learn the essential components for a successful launch and use our free checklist to stay on track.
Idea management
Drive fresh ideas for engaging potential customers and driving revenue. You will learn how to establish an effective process for gathering, reviewing, and responding to internal requests and feedback. Estimate the value of new ideas so you can decide which ones to promote to your marketing roadmap.
Marketing templates
Download free marketing templates. This library of prebuilt examples include templates to help you set your marketing strategy, build a marketing roadmap, and define your plans. From analyzing a market to launching a product, you will find everything you need to be successful.
Marketing dictionary
Learn the most common marketing terms. From account-based marketing to zero-cost strategy, these marketing definitions will help you become a more effective marketer.