Business operations

Drive organizational success

Make company-wide goals and initiatives transparent so each department understands exactly what needs to be accomplished.

Establish a model for excellence

Business operations help organizations thrive. You manage the inner workings of your company, constantly seeking ways to generate revenue, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Take your operational plans and turn them into a strategic roadmap — so you can build a sustainable long-term business.

Put your initiatives into action

How are you performing against the annual plan? What is the status of strategic goals and initiatives? Knowing the answers to these questions is critical to gauging organizational progress. But it can be difficult to track — especially when you are working off of static spreadsheets or presentations.

Bring your strategy to the forefront. Do your operational planning in a purpose-built workspace and tie objectives to each department’s work. Monitor status in real time and quickly report on critical business metrics.

Aha! is a powerful solution that provides roll-up visibility across all of our strategic goals and initiatives. We are now able to execute in a consistent and efficient way.

James Rose

Chief Financial Officer, Aperture

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Why business teams love Aha! Roadmaps

Capture the essentials

Articulate the foundational elements of your business strategy. Choose from six planning models to visualize where your company is headed and how each functional area can contribute.

Define business goals

Establish clear objectives with measurable results. Link these goals to sub-goals and initiatives — so every department knows what they need to accomplish and how their work delivers value.

Set budgets and track ROI

Add financial data to your plans. Estimate revenue, costs, and projected business value so you can make better-informed decisions and report on investments in a meaningful way.

Track cross-functional dependencies

Clarify organizational priorities and set implementation timelines. Build alignment across departments with a detailed plan that rallies everyone around milestones and deliverables.

Highlight the team’s momentum

Analyze how the company is advancing against the roadmap. Aha! Roadmaps provides more than 50 example reports, so you can immediately see progress and potential problems.