Release Management

Plan upcoming releases

Quickly plan dates, deliverables, and dependencies across functions so you can launch on time

Create a delivery plan

Your product roadmap is set. The next step is to create a cross-functional release plan. Use Aha! Roadmaps to coordinate every detail — whether you have one product or a portfolio. Create release templates with phases, milestones, and dependencies to establish repeatable processes tailored to your product development methodology. Prioritize features based on team capacity, visualize your launch schedule, and identify timing issues. Then share your plans with the broader team — so everyone knows what needs to be done and when.

Build your release plan

Coordinate with engineering

Send epics, features, and requirements to the development team for implementation. Powerful integrations between Aha! Roadmaps and development tools — including Aha! Develop, Jira, and Azure DevOps — unlock a new level of visibility. Collaborate on new functionality and scope out technical details. Refine estimates for a clear picture into the effort needed to deliver the work. As your engineering or DevOps team plans upcoming sprints, see exactly when features will be released. This two-way exchange ensures that everyone is set up for success.

Align on the details

Monitor release progress

Stay informed of progress as work gets underway. Automatically sync statuses between Aha! Roadmaps and your development tool — to spend less time chasing down updates and more time delivering exceptional customer experiences. Report on dependencies, scope changes, and capacity constraints to spot risks before they become bigger issues. Quickly adjust your plan as necessary and keep the team aligned on the schedule. Create a release dashboard to proactively communicate how everything is progressing to leadership and other internal teams.

Launch on schedule

Aha! simplifies portfolio management. Our planning and release processes are much smoother now that we can coordinate all of our product activities in one place.

Chris Brandt

Software Manager, Boise Cascade

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Top capabilities for release management

Standardize release management

Establish a repeatable release process. Create a template with phases, milestones, dependencies, and to-dos.

Plan upcoming releases

Build out a release schedule. Estimate the work that can fit in each release in time or story points based on team capacity.

Align your portfolio

Visualize the timing of multiple releases across your portfolio and use rollup releases to tie product plans together.

Create a detailed plan

Use the Gantt chart to coordinate cross-functional release details. Visualize the duration of epics and features and adjust timing.

Sync with engineering

Send prioritized work to your engineering team, link corresponding work items, and map statuses to track progress in real time.

Track dependencies

Get in front of dependencies. Establish relationships between work items and create an interactive dependency map or report.

Auto-calculate progress

Track the percentage of work completed from related records — including epics, features, release phases, or to-dos.

Communicate updates

Build a dashboard with live views of roadmaps and reports so you can keep everyone informed of release progress.

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