Product management guide

Product development
Product development is the entire process of bringing new ideas to life. Read these guides to get an overview of the product development process and the cross-functional teams involved — innovation, product management, project management, product marketing, engineering, and operations.
Product management
Explore the role and responsibilities of a product manager. Learn the day-to-day skills needed to create product roadmaps and build successful products. Find comprehensive articles about common product management job titles, product team salaries, and suggestions for education, interview questions, and career growth.
Product strategy
Learn how to define an effective product strategy. Big picture business models, high-level vision, product goals, and customer segments — these articles will help you identify real product market fit so you can delight target customers. Find everything you need to define product positioning, pricing, and personas. Read about digital transformation and the importance of putting customer experience first.
Product plans
Creating product plans is complex. These articles explain how to create a product planning process that spans the entire life cycle of product development. Learn how to define market, product, and feature requirements. Use a product maturity model to understand how your product compares against industry standards.
Product roadmaps
Understand why product roadmaps are an essential tool for product managers to communicate product strategy and direction. Discover different types of roadmaps for internal stakeholders, including product features and release date, as well as external roadmaps. These articles reveal insights for creating a product roadmap for the right audience.
Product building
Review common development methodologies — such as agile, kanban, Scaled Agile Framework®, and waterfall. These articles explain the core principles of each methodology and how the approach you use to build product impacts your roadmap and product management process.
Release management
Get advice on how to launch a new product or enhance existing ones. Read about the importance of release planning (even in an agile environment) so you can deliver on time. Learn how to do user story mapping and prioritize your product backlog. Find product launch best practices to help you better coordinate cross-functional releases.
Idea management
Drive innovation and prioritize ideas. Find out the different ways product managers evaluate and implement feedback and how to define idea management processes for your own product team. Review how to capture good ideas and promote great ideas from both internal and external teams.
Download free product management templates. Our library of prebuilt examples include different types of product roadmaps, business planning templates (such as SWOT and competitor analysis), and Gantt charts. Find the tools you need to quickly visualize your product strategy, strategic initiatives, high-level product plan, and time frame for launch plans.
Product development dictionary
Learn the most common product development terms. From agile product development to zeta scores, these product definitions will help you become a more effective product manager.
Visual collaboration
Visual collaboration — during brainstorming sessions, product discovery work, and product meetings — unleashes new ways of problem-solving and creativity.