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Every engineering team's process is unique. Your approach will vary based on a number of factors — such as the type of product you are building, development methodology, and technology stack. Use Aha! Develop to create an agile development environment that perfectly fits your workflow. Choose between a scrum, kanban, or hybrid approach and integrate with the dev tools you already use. Extensions empower you to customize nearly every aspect of your experience. This simple yet powerful approach lets you put just the right amount of process in place so the team can do their best work.

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Streamline workflows

Software development is a blend of roadmap-driven work and technical work. Getting the balance right requires a clear view of everything that needs to be prioritized — so you can make tough trade-off decisions. Create a unified backlog that ties features from product management in Aha! Roadmaps with engineering work in Aha! Develop. Estimate effort using story points or time and move work into sprints based on the team's capacity. Or pull cards straight onto a kanban board and get started on the work.

Align on backlog priorities

Track delivery progress

Move work efficiently through your development process. The workflow board provides a single view to track progress, drive collaboration, and facilitate stand-ups. Agile reports — including burndown, velocity, cycle and lead time, and throughput — provide insights into how the team is performing so you can optimize every aspect of your workflow. Use Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps together to create a unified environment that keeps product management informed of updates in real time. This unlocks a new level of visibility and collaboration as you work together to achieve your release plans.

Optimize your workflow

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Choose Aha! Develop for a fully extendable agile development tool that includes backlog management, sprint planning, and kanban boards.

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Top capabilities for agile development

Customize everything

Tailor Aha! Develop to suit the way you work. Customize workflow statuses, create custom fields, modify the UI, and automate routine tasks.

Connect your tools

Import work from other tools to bring everything into one system. Link user stories with the corresponding code to track branches, merge requests, and build status.

Align with product management

Integrate Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps to streamline your product development process. Each team has the information they need to do their best work and statuses are always in sync.

Prioritize the backlog

Organize epics, user stories, and requirements into parking lots. Prioritize roadmap-driven and technical work in a single backlog and rank by importance.

Plan and manage sprints

Set sprint capacity based on the team's velocity and move over items from the prioritized backlog. Use the burndown chart to track sprint progress.

Optimize your workflow

Track progress on a visual workflow board. Add custom columns and swimlanes to match how your team works. Set WIP limits to improve team efficiency.

Analyze team performance

Visualize performance trends and predict future output using interactive agile reports. Drill into the data to understand exactly what happened and why.

Capture technical documentation

Create a team wiki. Use free-format notes and whiteboards to document architectural decisions, technical diagrams, sprint retrospectives, and more.

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