Fuel product innovation

Energize your product development process with fresh ideas and prioritize which ones to pursue

Give customers a voice

Discover what customers want to achieve and how you can help. Create a central place to gather feedback — so you can build a more lovable product and create more value for the business. Custom-branded ideas portals in Aha! Roadmaps or Aha! Ideas streamline the way you capture, organize, and analyze customer feedback. Monitor voting trends and assess product value to strategically prioritize which ideas to implement. Respond directly to requests so your customers know their input is valued and heard.

Gather customer requests

Create a culture of curiosity

Give everyone in your organization a place to share ideas, advocate for customers, and think beyond today. From suggesting new products and services to solving specific business challenges, employees are a source of forward-thinking ideas. Use a private portal in Aha! Roadmaps or Aha! Ideas to inspire people to share their suggestions. Integrate with your CRM system and enable proxy voting — so sales and support teams can easily submit ideas and vote on behalf of customers.

Jumpstart innovation from within

Explore bold concepts

Building lovable products is about problem solving and creativity. This is why every product builder needs space for unstructured ideation. Aha! Create brings together free-format text and online whiteboarding capabilities — so you can research customer needs and refine early-stage concepts for new functionality. Collaborate with teammates in real time to exchange thoughts and suggestions. When you are ready to move forward, promote those concepts into actionable roadmap items.

Unleash your creativity

The ability to capture ideas keeps us focused on what customers actually want. This makes it easier to prioritize what to build. It also lets us show how we are delivering customer value.

Ryan Bergstrom

Chief Product Officer, Paycor

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Choose Aha! Roadmaps for a complete product management solution that includes essential idea management functionality. Select Aha! Ideas if you want a standalone tool for managing customer feedback.

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Top capabilities for product ideation

Crowdsource feedback

Engage your community via an ideas portal to find out what matters most. Use dynamic forms to capture relevant information from customers, employees, and partners.

Translate your portal

Make your ideas portal available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch to encourage users to share requests in their language of choice.

Connect with existing tools

Integrate Aha! Ideas with CRM systems — such as Salesforce and Zendesk — to make sure ideas that are collected in other systems are not lost.

Review every request

Monitor incoming ideas through your ideas dashboard. Establish an efficient workflow — so you can review and assess the potential value of every idea.

Analyze idea data

Track feedback trends across idea categories, organizations, and customer segments to understand exactly what your customers want.

Refine raw concepts

Capture thoughts and build out diagrams, models, and sketches on a virtual whiteboard to explore early-stage concepts and visualize new product experiences.

Bring ideas to life

Use Aha! Ideas and Aha! Roadmaps together to seamlessly incorporate fresh new ideas into your strategic planning process.

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