Every company development and growth is inseparable from a group of force and a strong cohesive force of employees, Employees are not only the material wealth but also the spiritual wealth of the company. They are the people who create value for the company. When employees hasn’t cohesive, lose their sense of belonging to the enterprise and have no strong desire to do own job, the company cannot produce good products, and then its fighting capacity and competitiveness will be greatly reduced. Our ROWIN Company always insist to the people-oriented rules, to protect the interests of employees as the starting point and foothold of enterprise development, with practical actions to win the trust and support of employees.

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  • Protect Environment

    Protect Environment

    Nowadays,The environment problems become heat issue,and more and more people realize it’s necessary and important to protect the environment.So,we should have responsible to protect “common homeland”.

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  • Volunteer Activities

    Volunteer Activities

    On the day of Arbor Day, Our company organized named "adding vitality to the earth" tree-planting activity. This activity purpose is to let them help each other, get to know each other, increase their feelings and team spirit in the process of planting trees.Second, in the busy work, let everyone to relax, enrich their leisure life;Thirdly, I hope through this tree-planting activity, we can have the of protect environmental awareness and understand protect environmental importance and pass environmental protection spirit to the people around us.

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